June 7, 2021

    Solar Eclipse: 10th June 2021

    Solar Eclipse and its Impact on Individual & Global Events This will be an annular solar eclipse where the Moon…
    June 3, 2021

    Saturn Retrograde: 23rd May to 11 October 2021

    About Retrogression Retrogression is an astronomical phenomenon that also has profound astrological implications. Without going to complex technical details, retrogression…
    May 6, 2021

    West Bengal Government – Mamata Banerjee’s Third Term

    The time of the head of government being sworn-in is very important for analyzing the future of the incoming Government…


      June 24, 2020

      Divisional Charts in Vedic Astrology

      One of the greatest misconceptions spread in astrology today is the concept of Divisional Charts and Houses. It is probably one of the strongest misconceptions which is so rampant today that it is the first thing a beginner in astrology is introduced to. Through all my experience as a professional…
      March 15, 2020

      Astrology & CoronaVirus

      Currently, everyone is suffering from the fear of CoronaVirus. This is the first time ever that people around the world are in so much fear and suspicion. It all started in the month of December from China. It will be interesting to analyze the astrological reasonings and correlations with all…
      November 13, 2019

      Mangal Dosha: The truth and nothing but the truth

      This post is going to be a complete analysis of Mangal Dosha, its origin, its context, its effect, and any and every considerations about it. I would try to keep it as short and as clear as possible and I would try to delve into all aspects of Mangal Dosha…
      December 27, 2019

      An Important Rule for Monthly Results

      Interpreting monthly results for your horoscope on your own.
      November 27, 2020

      Denial of Marriage per Astrology

      First thing, be it Rahu Ketu Sun Saturn Mercury Venus Mars Moon Jupiter, no planet is in the 7th house has the possibility to deny marriage. There are specific results ascribed to the nature of married life for all the planets in the 7th house individually and all of those…
      November 12, 2019

      Sadhe-Sati: The dreaded 7.5 years!

      Sadhe-Sati of Shani (Saturn) is probably one of the most common topics often used in discussions by astrologers and general people alike. But who is right and who is wrong? Who should you believe in and who should you not?