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Selected newspaper clippings on Vedic Astrology


We have been actively involved with astrology since the past several years. Decades in fact if I exclude myself and talk about just my father and my mother. The Vedic Vision is a very recent venture that came to be just about a year ago and before that we’ve had scattered contents and posts across social media and conventional media.

The Vedic Vision Vaults will bring to you content that was already published elsewhere. As the content is huge we cannot always edit everything and re-purpose it due to the sheer effort it will take. Hence, the section will bring to you posts and content in an “as is” state and compiled for easier access.

Once there was a time in the media when content reigned supreme and the 2-minute horoscopes that is a trend in every newspaper these days was yet to be born. In those days, writing meaningful astrological posts was possible which helped to provide authentic information to learners as well as common people.

We bring to you some of the publications form those days which still hold relevance today and can be a good reader for anyone interested. These are newspaper clipping in form of images from several years ago. Once we add more content, these will be arranged in a separate page on the blog as a gallery.

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  1. This is a gold mine. If at some point, these could be translated in English, just imagine the impact

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