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The Vedic Vision blog focuses
on astrological posts that are organized in different categories. Our primary
purpose by way of these writings is to help educate people about the correct
and authentic principles of Vedic Astrology. 

One of the major reason for
misinformation about astrology is that incorrect concepts are often taught as
the correct ones. Many a times, even concepts with glaring mathematical
inconsistencies get adapted as authentic astrological tools which has lead to a
serious disaster in the field of astrology. 

We have categorized our blog
posts in easy to follow categories so that you're able to find your areas of
interest easily and you're able to follow posts that you're the most interested

We prefer to keep an open line
of communication when it comes to propagating the ancient wisdom of astrology,
hence you can always feel free to write to us with a topic you want information
on and we will create a post for it!


This section consists primarily of mundane discussions, transit events and their impacts.


The Vedic Vision Bytes provide short content about topics of general curiosity in astrology which is relevant for everyone.


The Vedic Vision Discussions deal with complex astrological topics and go in a lot of details for each of them for clear understanding.


The Inner Vision Blog focuses on topics of self growth, meditation, spirituality and philosophy. The spiritual concepts that we share here have their origin in authentic Vedic texts and are backed by core principles of astrology. 

Spirituality and inner growth is the final fruit of learning and wisdom. Just like a tree nurtured with water gives fruit in the right season, similarly a life nurtured with learning and wisdom grows a spiritual outlook on its own. 

As long as one tries to learn and understand the core philosophy of life, spirituality and peace are a natural byproduct of the process. 

In this blog we simply focus on bringing to you those jewels of wisdom from our classical texts which are either forgotten or have not given due attention in our pursuit of making your life more blissful.


This section of the blog contains posts that are action oriented and tend to develop spirituality by activity. 


This section of the blog focuses on topics that are meditative in nature and draw the consciousness inward.


This section of the blog focuses on inculcating an intuitive wisdom about life which helps sail the person through all hardships.

The Vedic Vision Tales

The Vedic Vision Tales bring to you interesting stories from our ancient texts that form the backbone of Vedic Astrology and Spirituality. 

The Vedic system of education is so designed that complex topics are taught by means of stories and illustrations so as to ensure retention. There is a rich collection of parables, stories, historic events that are written in a manner to be informative.

Through this section, we would try to bring to you stories that highlight very important principles of life, astrology and spirituality. 


The tales of the Nav Grahas are so written to illustrate astrological concepts.


The tales of the Puranas are written to help visualize important spiritual lessons.


About Us

Who We Are

The Vedic Vision came into being solely because of the incredible love and support we have had from all of our readers and clients. The idea of the website was born when the amount of emails we were getting for inquiries turned to be unmanageable. 

We started small with a modest forum and a basic website, but as the community started growing we had to make changes to accommodate. 

Now that we have a large audience to cater to, we've invested significant effort in coming up with an integrated solution that can help us interact and cater to all our client needs. Our platforms, chats, blogs, communities are now integrated to provide an unforgettable customer experience. 

Sanjeev Mishra

40+ years experience in Vedic Astrology and Vaastu as a professional and over 45+ years of experience as a learner. With several of his students as leading astrologers and clients across countries and industries, he has an expertise in guiding not just people, but also businesses, industries, political parties and media houses. 

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Mamta Mishra

With 20+ years of experience as an astrologer and Vaastu Consultant, she is regarded as great life coach by her clients for not just taking consultations from, but also for counselling for taking major life decisions. 

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to get regular updates on transits and remedies.

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Arsh Mishra

6+ years of professional experience in astrology. Arsh is primarily focused on educating people on the various dimensions of Vedic Astrology through his content and courses. He takes up consultations basis his availability. 

Follow him on Quora or Twitter to interact with his posts and content. 

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We provide consultation services in Astrology and Vaastu along with teaching Vedic Astrology. Our primary purpose is to ensure that authentic information reaches out in the world with respect to Vedic Astrology.


We provide astrological and Vaastu consultation services digitally and in person. Please refer to The Vedic Vision Website for details.

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One of our primary focus areas is to promote education in the field of Vedic Astrology and we're actively involved in imparting the same.

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We try our best to develop and bring to our readers interesting content regarding Vedic Astrology on major social media portals.

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