The Vedic Vision Discussions deal with complex astrological topics and go in a lot of details for each of them for clear understanding.

Astrology & CoronaVirus

Currently, everyone is suffering from the fear of CoronaVirus. This is the first time ever that people around the world are in so much fear and suspicion. It all started…

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Mangal Dosha: The truth and nothing but the truth

This post is going to be a complete analysis of Mangal Dosha, its origin, its context, its effect, and any and every considerations about it. I would try to keep…

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An Important Rule for Monthly Results

Interpreting monthly results for your horoscope on your own.

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Sadhe-Sati: The dreaded 7.5 years!

Sadhe-Sati of Shani (Saturn) is probably one of the most common topics often used in discussions by astrologers and general people alike. But who is right and who is wrong?…

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Denial of Marriage per Astrology

First thing, be it Rahu Ketu Sun Saturn Mercury Venus Mars Moon Jupiter, no planet is in the 7th house has the possibility to deny marriage. There are specific results…

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Divisional Charts in Vedic Astrology

One of the greatest misconceptions spread in astrology today is the concept of Divisional Charts and Houses. It is probably one of the strongest misconceptions which is so rampant today…

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