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माता का आगमन और परिणाम- एक ज्योतिषिए दृष्टिकोण

_वैसे तो हिन्दू मान्यताओं में सिंह को देवी मां अंबे का वाहन माना गया है। यह वाहन युद्ध स्थिति विशेष के लिए है। प्रति वर्ष देवी दुर्गा की पुजा अर्चना…

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Why do we need the Vedas, Upanishads and Gita to understand the truth?

Akath kahani prem ki, kachu kahi na jaaye,Goonge keri sarkara, khaaye aur muskaaye The story of love cannot be told, there are no words for it. Similar to how a…

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Genesis: Beginning of the Universe

Man has always wondered about a lot of things, but for none other is he more clueless than the question of Genesis. One of the fundamental questions that exists since…

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Destiny, Karma and Free Will

Destiny and Karma are the two sides of one coin. Free will is just an artistic creation. Nobody on this Earth has free will, keep that in mind. If we…

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