The Vedic Vision vaults bring to you some of our old content from other sources and websites that were published years or decades ago.

The Notorious 8th. House

Despite the prevailing obsession around it, remember that no such house in astrology is bad in itself, including the notorious 8th. There are some houses that are “more prone to…

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Denial of Marriage per Astrology

First thing, be it Rahu Ketu Sun Saturn Mercury Venus Mars Moon Jupiter, no planet is in the 7th house has the possibility to deny marriage. There are specific results…

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Why do we need the Vedas, Upanishads and Gita to understand the truth?

Akath kahani prem ki, kachu kahi na jaaye,Goonge keri sarkara, khaaye aur muskaaye The story of love cannot be told, there are no words for it. Similar to how a…

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The Vedic Vision Vaults – Sanjeev Ranjan Mishra

We have been actively involved with astrology since the past several years. Decades in fact if I exclude myself and talk about just my father and my mother. The Vedic…

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Destiny, Karma and Free Will

Destiny and Karma are the two sides of one coin. Free will is just an artistic creation. Nobody on this Earth has free will, keep that in mind. If we…

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